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School Dance Programme

Empower your students through dance & performance

Welcome to House of Swag, Ireland's premier provider of dynamic dance programs for schools! With an extensive track record of success, we've collaborated with numerous schools across the country, enriching educational experiences through our vibrant Dance Programme.

At House of Swag, we believe in the power of dance to foster positivity, inclusion, and education. Our carefully crafted program is designed to cater to all ages, levels, and abilities, ensuring that every student can participate and thrive. Through our engaging sessions, we aim to inspire confidence, creativity, and a love for movement in every participant.

We take pride in the glowing feedback we've received from schools we've worked with, who have praised the transformative impact of our program on student attendance and overall happiness. Additionally, our specialized Mental Health segment has garnered widespread acclaim, providing invaluable support and promoting well-being among students.

Whether you're a preschool, primary school, secondary school, or college, House of Swag is here to tailor our program to suit your needs. From term bookings to one-off workshops, we offer flexible arrangements to accommodate your schedule and objectives.

Join the countless schools who have experienced the magic of House of Swag's Dance Programme
Let's dance towards a brighter future together!

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  • Once off workshops

  • Term programmes 

  • P.E classes

  • T.Y programmes

  • Mental Health programme

  • L.C.A/L.C.V.P programmes

  • After school programmes

  • School inclusion programmes

  • Teacher workshops

  • Sports days 

  • Active days/week

  • Preschool dance clubs

  • Lunch time dance clubs

  • School Shows direction and choreography


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