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About Us

Where Smiles Meet Skills: Ireland's Number One Dance Family!

Welcome to House of Swag, where the rhythm meets the smiles! Established in 2012, House of Swag originated as a community dance class in Swords, Co. Dublin, and has since evolved into a powerhouse of creativity and talent. Our state-of-the-art studio, spanning over two large industrial units in Swords, features top-notch facilities that cater to every dancer's needs and desires. As well as offering classes in our studio we also have classes around Dublin in the following areas:


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Classes available for All Ages, All Levels and All Abilities

Dance Studios and More: At House of Swag, we take pride in our expansive studio space, which includes two full-sized dance studios, smaller specialised studios, a dancer's training gym, a recovery room, a homework and chill-out space, and even a gaming room equipped with Xbox's and PlayStations and so much more. Our reach extends beyond Swords, with classes held in various venues across Dubllin, including Donnycarney, Bayside, Rush, and Coolock

Inclusive Dance for All: Our dance school operates on an "Everyone Welcome" basis, embracing all ages, levels, and abilities. We foster an environment that values friendship, fun, and the joy of dance. House of Swag is where skills meet smiles, and we extend our inclusivity to individuals and families with Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and ADHD and much more. All of our teachers are fully qualified to operate fully inclusive classes

Nurturing Future Stars: Founded with the mission to provide high-quality dance training, House of Swag has been instrumental in shaping many of Ireland's top dancers. Our team, made up teachers fully trained in House of Swag who grew up with our ethos, is committed to nurturing students and guiding them toward professional dancing careers.

Success Beyond the Studio: Our dancers have achieved remarkable feats, marking us as a leading dance school in Ireland from gracing the stages of global dance events, dancing with Justin Bieber, and appearing on prestigious TV shows such as The Late Late Toy Show, Britains Got Talent and many more. House of Swag dancers have clinched titles at UDO World and British Championships, as well as numerous national and international competitions. We were also the first ever Irish Oympic Representing Breaking Team and competed at many WDSF Olympic Events. Our excellence extends to collaborations with brands like Circle K, Yoplait, Krispy Kreme, and active involvement in charity work with organizations like Laura Lynn Foundation, Focus Ireland, and Cycle against Suicide & more. 

Pro Programs and Championships: We offer Pro training Programs designed by industry professionals, preparing the next generation for successful careers in the performing arts. Our dancers have secured victories at Irish, British, and World Championships, showcasing their skills across the globe. We have created our Pro Programs as a pathway to a professional career for dancers.

H Fam Dance Crew: We are proud to be the home of H Fam Dance Crew, who has consistently represented Ireland as the top dance team, remaining unbeaten in Ireland and the UK for three consecutive years.

Inclusive Performances and Competitions: At House of Swag, every student, regardless of age or ability, is invited to participate in shows and competitions. Whether you're dancing for fun or aiming for the top, we are committed to your happiness, progress, and goals.

Join the Swag Movement: Our class schedule offers something for everyone, from energetic dance classes for fitness enthusiasts to skill-enhancing sessions for those aiming to elevate their training. Our qualified teachers hold various certifications, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning experience.

Welcome to House of Swag, where passion, talent, and diversity converge on the dance floor!


Staff Qualifications

Dance Education at its Finest: Backed by Qualifications, Fueled by Passion

  • SDA Teaching Qualifications in Dance & Performing Arts

  • First Aid 

  • Pediatric First Aid

  • CPR Training 

  • HSA Work Safely Course 

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Course

  • Covid-19 Return to Sport Course

  • Autism 101 Course 

  • Diabetes Awareness Course

  • Suicide Awareness Course

  • ZSA Suicide Awareness Training 

  • Hip Hop International Judging Course

  • Understanding Young Minds Course

  • Asthma Awareness Training 

  • Anaphylaxis Awareness Training 

  • Growth Mindset Training Course

  • Keep them Safe Child Sexual Exploitation Course 
    And so much more, At House of Swag, we uphold our commitment to excellence by ensuring that every member of our staff is not only fully qualified but also equipped to operate seamlessly within the parameters of our exceptionally high standards

Our Clients

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