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  • School Dance Programme

  • After School Clubs

  • P.E Curriculum

  • T.Y Project / Musicals / Shows

  • Lunch Time Clubs 

  • L.C.A/L.C.V.P extra projects 

  • Teacher morning classes

  • Graduation performance choreography and direction

  • Musical/Show performance choreography and direction

  • S.P.H.E Classes

  • Mental Health and Inclusion Programmes 

We are excited to introduce our School Dance Programme to your school. Our dance programme has been extremely successful in schools around Ireland, providing dance training in a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment. 

Students on our programme are able to take part in shows, events, and competitions, representing their school, not only that but
our programme has been praised by teachers and principals for improving attendance

and students overall happiness.

We are able to tailor the programme to your school's specific needs and work closely with you and your staff and students. We have ran very successful school programmes and events in both primary and secondary
schools. We offer all the schools we teach in the opportunity of their students competing in national competitions and performing in shows and events representing their school or the project can just be in schools for fun - this is completely up to you We are thrilled to be bringing our School Dance Project back and would love for your school to be a part of it!


Tailored Solutions for Every School:

Recognizing the diverse needs of smaller, deis and rural schools, we are dedicated to ensuring that our School Dance Programmes remain accessible to all. Feel free to reach out to us to explore personalized options that align seamlessly with your budget. Your memorable dance experience is our priority! We are open to trying to work with different budgets

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let's create magic together.

1 teacher for 1 hour is €100 + vat @23%

1 teacher for 2 hours is €150 + vat @23% 

Plus travel to and from venue. 

1 teacher for a 5 hour block @€300 + vat 

2 teachers for a 5 hour block @€500 + vat

Plus travel to and from venue. 


Our current 6 week programme can culminate in an exciting optional opportunity for your students to participate in the Ireland Hip Hop Dance Championships. This competition offers numerous benefits, including fostering teamwork, creativity, and school pride. Moreover, breakdancing is now an official Olympic sport, and House of Swag's breakdancers are among the best in Ireland, boasting the highest rankings on the Olympic system. 

The Ireland Hip Hop Dance Championship takes part this year on 23 - 25 February, 2024. 

The price for school entry for this competition is €30 per person which covers the full 3 days pass, 23rd February is optional. 

Schools in the past have attended this and ran school fundraisers to get this covered for the students. 


At our dance classes, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of dance, no matter their age or ability level. That's why we offer classes for kids as young as 18 months old all the way up to adult dancers so our programme is perfect for all ages! Our classes are held full-time at our private studio in Swords, Co. Dublin, and we also have classes in several other locations around Ireland. All of our instructors are fully certified dance instructors and have undergone Garda vetting and are insured. In addition, they have received certifications in a variety of areas, including health and safety, autism and ADHD, mental health, suicide awareness, Covid-19 safety, anaphylaxis awareness, asthma awareness, protecting children from child sexual exploitation, use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED), and growth mindset. We prioritise safety and inclusivity in all of our classes. We look forward to providing a fun and enriching dance experience for your school.


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